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Who We Are

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Whitney & Co. is an Interior Design Studio specializing in Full Service Residential, Small Commercial, and E-Design Projects.

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Whitney Filimoeatu

Growing up with a father who was a General Contractor, and a mother who had a knack for decorating, Whitney was always exposed to construction and design. She can still remember at a young age perusing her parents’ home plan magazines they had looked over for building their own homes, and was fascinated by both the exterior and interior floor plans.

Fast forward to her college days and Whitney spent a lot of time trying out her interests, which included working as a cosmetologist, and taking courses in dance, history, and art history. It wasn’t until she and her husband purchased their first home and started remodeling that she realized she had found something she just couldn’t get off her mind…DESIGN. After a few semesters of design courses and a brief internship, Whitney felt ready to start taking on clients. She values each client and enjoys building lasting friendships.