REVEAL!!! One Room Challenge- Week 6


It’s finally done!!! After 6 weeks of hard work, I’m so happy to finally have the kitchen finished. There was a lot of sweat, a few hang ups, and a couple of fights if I’m being honest here (thank goodness we kiss and make up or this project would have went up in flames:) ), but I couldn't be happier with my European inspired kitchen. I am still so bummed about my tile for the backsplash (it was somehow lost in transit and the replacement is backordered), but I hope to do some more photos once it comes.

Here’s a little trip down memory lane of the previous real estate sale before…and after!

9J3A1689 copy.jpg

The house was kind of in rough shape when we purchased. This was the day we closed (and ripped out of the laminate floor). We always jump the gun before remember to get pictures.




I wanted this kitchen to have soul and feel old in a European farmhouse kind of way. I knew we would need to incorporate earthy elements like reclaimed wood, natural stone, and plaster…all the good stuff that gets better with time.


This range and hood are definitely the star of the kitchen. I knew when I selected black countertops I would want a black range, and I just love the brass accents…they go so well with my sconces and hardware. I’ll be honest, I haven’t cooked a thing in this yet because it just came and we were so busy finishing the kitchen, but I cannot wait to try it out. And the plaster hood was a labor of love! Once that beam went up I think I sat and stared at it for an hour. We got that plaster finish silky smooth, and I make everyone that comes over run their hands on it.


Can we talk about this island? Not only is it functional, but I can’t get enough of the character! The guy we bought the wood from told us it came from an old saw mill in a town nearby, so I’m glad we have some local history in our kitchen. They were really weathered, so we planed them to get a smooth finish. I filled the bottom shelf with a big bowl for potatoes, a wire basket with linens, and my beechwood serving bowls. I love being able to grab something right off a shelf. I don’t have a very wide kitchen, so the open shelf on the bottom doesn’t take up visual space, plus you get to see the pretty black range!


I absolutely love marble, and had it in my last house, but I knew with this hood that a dark countertop would really set it off and ground it. I’m dying to use soapstone somewhere in my house, but just couldn’t justify the cost here, so we went with a black mist granite in a honed finish for a similar look. The slab I got has such pretty veining, and I’m so happy with it. The good thing about granite is it’s one of the most durable natural stones and low maintenance, so it was definitely a win here. I did get get a dose of marble in a pastry board the hooks on to the island.


We opted for an under counter microwave. I probably could have put it in the pantry cupboard and made smaller doors for up top, but I didn’t think about it when we were tearing out and rewiring. I’ve been asked a lot how I like them, and I don’t mind it at all. I know you have to bend over, but most people have to anyway for their ovens, so I don’t see how it’s any different. This is the third house we have put one in and it’s so convenient for kids. The counter space above it with my kitchen aid is what I call my baking station, and it has been nice to be able to melt/soften butter right below. I placed my sugars and flour close by for easy reach, and the top drawer to the right of the stove holds my measuring cups.


A lot of European kitchens have little to no upper cabinetry and it always feels so airy and fresh to me. I love the convenience of open shelving, and wanted floating ones. We used reclaimed 2x12’s here and I love that these are a solid piece of wood vs. a boxed out shelf that looks thick. They have so much character! I try to think of functionality in my kitchen, so I filled them with things I use the most. All the plates, bowls, and glasses are on the bottom shelf closest to the sink for easy reach and putting away. The upper shelf holds our pitchers, and the opposite set holds our mugs and things I use for baking like cookbooks, mixing bowls, and casserole dishes.


If you read last week’s post, then you know I went back and forth on lighting. The kitchen originally had a pendant above the sink, but I felt like I had a ton of hanging lights all throughout the house and no wall lights. I planned on switching the pendant to a sconce and possibly hanging pendants over the island, but once the hood was up and the island was in, I just couldn’t block the view with pendants. The right side of the kitchen has tall 24'“ deep cabinetry, while the left only has the lower cabinets, and once I sat and looked at it, I just felt like a good sized pendant over the sink, and sconces framing the hood was what the kitchen needed. I’ve had my eye on this traditional/modern aged iron pendant for a while now, so I decided to get it for here. I found these Visual Comfort sconces in brass that goes perfectly with the hardware on the cabinets and range. Long story short, the lighting was not in the original plan, but I’m so happy with how it came together!


When I designed the hood, I left enough counter space on each side of the range for for my utensil crocks and oil bottles, and we did these little niches inside the hood that are wrapped in reclaimed wood we had left over from the island. Again, I really try to think of functionality and how I actually cook, so I put spices, a butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, and measuring spoons in them. It seems like I am always needing a teaspoon so I got a set just for here.

one room challenge.jpg

And there she is! Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out the other reveals here. Links for sources below.


Cabinet paint color
Cabinet hardware— Knobs Pulls Latches
Island bowl
Island wire basket
Island beechwood bowls
Terra cotta vase
White Dishes
White pitchers— Large Small
Glass pitcher
Herb print
Rug and art on shelf are vintage, small stool, cake stand, mixing bowls, and cheeseboard are from HomeGoods.

One Room Challenge- Week 5

one room challenge.jpg

Week 5 of the ORC was full of ups and downs. We got the cabinets painted and hinges drilled, hardware on, light hung, and open shelves up, BUT a big downer was the stove was not delivered (they say it’s coming Monday), and to top that off, my backsplash tile was somehow lost in transit. Not sure how that happens on a pallet delivery??? But talk about the worst luck ever! And then I found out the replacement tile is backordered for 2-4 weeks! I’m super bummed and debated even doing a reveal, but I’ve come this far so I might as well finish.

Since I don’t want to give too much away before next week, let’s talk about my light fixture situation. When we bought this house, there was a pendant over the sink. Once we started demo, I felt like I wanted to change it to a sconce, and if you look back on my original design plan, I had a sconce chosen. But as things started progressing with our hood and open shelving I decided to keep the pendant (I felt it would help balance the kitchen better visually when you are looking at the hood since the fridge/pantry are on one side and I have no upper cupboards on the other). I knew I would be able to get a better scaled light in a pendant than a sconce, so I turned to this beauty…


I originally saw this last year when someone shared it at the High Point Showroom and immediately fell in love. Both colors are beautiful, and I love the contrast of the white, but I knew the black would be a better fit in my kitchen. It definitely did not disappoint! It gets the traditional/modern look just right and is what my kitchen needed.

Can you cross your fingers for me that my stove actually gets here?!? Make sure to check back for the reveal next Thursday, and check here for the other contestants reveals.

One Room Challenge- Week 4

one room challenge.jpg

I can’t believe we are already heading into week 5 of the ORC! It’s definitely crunch time. I’m happy to say we plastered the range hood! It was hard work climbing up and down to get all the nooks and crannies, but she makes me so happy every time I walk in my kitchen. Here’s a couple progress photos:


I’m also happy to say we were able to get the reclaimed wood for the island this week, AND get it planed, cut, and built! I’m still trying to figure out the finish, but here it is right now:


Picking a paint color is so hard for me, but I finally settled on Farrow and Ball’s Schoolhouse White (left swatch). They recently released this color and I love it! I almost went with Shaded White or Shadow White, but decided to stick with the lighter of the three.


This week we are hoping to knock out getting the cabinets sanded/painted, and getting the open shelves and reclaimed beam on the hood up. Wish us luck! And remember to check out the other contestants here.


One Room Challenge- Week 3

one room challenge.jpg

This week feels like nothing got finished, but there are a lot of things in the works! The cabinet doors and drawer fronts are made, and we have been busy fitting them and are getting ready to sand and paint. I’ll be doing some posts on insta stories this week on my color selection! But as much as I am excited about the cabinets, what I am really excited about is THE HOOD. If you didn’t check last week’s post, I mentioned that we were planning on building a hood that was gonna be the star of the show. I don’t have a huge kitchen square footage wise, but I wanted something that would make it feel grand, yet cozy. So I’ll share some peeks, but before I do, let’s recap.


This is where I left you off on week one in our progress. But the original kitchen looked like this:


When we had decided we were going to rearrange cabinetry, I just knew that this kitchen had so much potential. Whenever you have great architectural features, accent them! I felt like nothing was being done to accentuate or draw focus to the vault of the ceiling. The whole living area on our main floor is vaulted, but the kitchen has it’s own symmetrical vault that is separate from the rest of the living/dining areas. I knew the kitchen would feel so much better if the stove was shifted right to be centered in the vault, and I could already see a big hood what would draw the eye up. So I started sketching…


And I drew some inspiration from fireplace designs…

I loved this image because we are planning on doing floating shelves on either side of the hood.

And I loved this because I knew I wanted to incorporate a reclaimed beam. I loved seeing it with that curve on the fireplace.


And here are some progress photos! I have to say, the hubby is pretty amazing. Another coat of sanding and mud, and she should be ready to plaster!!!


I had to include this photo to document I hung that drywall on the bottom myself :)


But of course, the hubby finished the top and made all the magic happen!

IMG_5027 2.JPG

I’m super excited about these little niches…

IMG_5029 2.JPG

Well that’s all the progress I have for you this week. We still have to get the wood for the beam on the hood, shelves, and island, so I’m crossing my fingers we find some gems. Check back next for more progress! And check out the other participants here.


One Room Challenge- Week 2

one room challenge.jpg

Week 2 of our kitchen over here is in full swing and I wanted to share with you the design plan, a.k.a. the pretty or “fun” part before things get ugly, and then pretty again.

This is the 4th kitchen remodel we have done on our own home, and I am by far the most excited about it (which is good because we consider this our forever home!). Needless to say I have learned a few things about my personal style along the way. I have had 3 white kitchens, so I obviously LOVE THEM, but over the last couple of years I have really tried to hone in on what I am drawn to time and again. I want to choose selections for this home that are going to be timeless, but also more me rather than what is on trend. I started noticing I am drawn to European kitchens, and particularly Belgian kitchens. Details like light inset cabinetry, marble, black soapstone, unlacquered brass, plaster, reclaimed wood, zellige tiles, iron/steel, and wicker are are details and materials that speak to me in general.

For this kitchen, what I envisioned was light (but not white) inset cabinetry and dark or black countertops, and a black range:

Design by  Jessica Helgerson
Design by Kathleen Walsh via  Lonny

Design by Kathleen Walsh via Lonny

This may seem weird to some, but I don’t want any upper cabinetry. I love how a lot of European kitchens have either no uppers, or some open shelving. I also love their concept of open islands. We plan to do all three…some walls with open shelving, some walls with nothing, and an open island. I already found the perfect bowl to go on the island shelf and plan to fill it with vegetables. I want this to be a working kitchen and feel like it’s been around forever!


I’m also planning on a HUGE plastered range hood. One that sits on the counter and has slight curves with a reclaimed beam. Picture a mix of these:

Design by Block Brothers Cabinets via  Rue Magazine

Design by Block Brothers Cabinets via Rue Magazine


Since the range hood will come down on the countertop, we plan to only backsplash that area with square zellige tiles.


And depending on the scale of the hood and how it feels, I might throw in some wicker/rope pendants for over the island, or I may just leave a sconce above the sink and let the hood steal the show!


And last but not least, I hope to incorporate a pot rack on one of my open walls!


Hopefully that gives you an idea of the overall direction. Here is the mood board for the space:

One Room Challenge Plan.jpg

Make sure to check back next week for more progress! And check out the other spaces here.