One Room Challenge!!! Week 1

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SO I decided last minute to hop on the One Room Challenge bandwagon. We moved into a new (to us) home a couple of months ago, and our kitchen has been stuck in a rut ever since. I figured this was a way to give us a good kick in the pants!

Once again, I thought I got before before pictures, and it turns out my “before” is actually once we started demo. So I dug a little, and found real estate pictures online from when the home was sold to the previous owners. This is what the kitchen/dining looked like:


It was not in this good of condition when we closed, but the problem is what I like to call the domino effect in renovation…you start doing one thing, and then it affects everything else. Because of some issues with the house that needed to be addressed immediately, we ended up painting the whole thing and laying new carpet and wood flooring. The domino in this situation was the wood floors. I know there is no right or wrong, but I always prefer when floors are laid under cabinetry so if the layout is ever changed, you at least have the option of keeping the floors the same. I knew the flow and openness of the kitchen could be so much better, and I knew eventually I would want to scrap the peninsula in favor of an island (ironically there was an island in the original house plans but the owners must have decided to change it). So if we were to lay the floors around the cabinets as they were set up, that would make changing the kitchen layout down the road a pain and add more time and money.

As you can see, there was a decent amount of space around the dining table, but because of the peninsula, the counter stools and dining chairs would have been back to back…a major blockage in traffic flow out the patio door if people were actually seated. So after we ripped out the laminate floors and decided that yes, we were going to lay the new floors under the cabinetry, we just thought we might as well make the layout we wanted while everything was already a mess! That brought us to this point:

IMG_5660 demo.jpg

The plan was:
-remove peninsula
-remove corner pantry
-remove upper cabinetry
-install new flooring
-rearrange lower cabinetry
-center the range in the pitch
-build range hood
-install new 48” gas range
-move microwave to new location
-new countertops
-reface and paint lower cabinetry
-install open shelving
-install backsplash
-build wood island
-update lighting

We got some of this list done, and then got stuck, which is really another way of saying burned out :) We demo’d the pantry, patched the walls, removed the uppers, laid the new floor, rearranged the lowers, moved the microwave to under the counter, and got a new countertop (because living with a plywood countertop for a month was my limit). Here are some progress photos of the demo:


Every surface in this house was painted a tannish brown (walls, ceilings, doors, trim). I can’t even tell you how much painting the ceiling white changed the space.


The pretty matte finished wood floors being installed.


At this point we still need to reface and paint cabinetry, install hardware, build the range hood/wire and vent the blower outside, install open shelving, install backsplash, build the island, install new range, and install lighting. Six weeks sounds like a lot, but I have a feeling that between our jobs, life with 5 kids, and the fact that we are doing it all ourselves, it’s gonna be a close one.

So follow along as we get this thing DONE! Be sure to check back every Thursday as I post progress. Next week I’ll be sharing the plan and finish selections! Until then here’s an inspo teaser…

Design by Mary Jo Bochner via  House Beautiful

Design by Mary Jo Bochner via House Beautiful


Moodboard Monday

I have missed the last couple of weeks, but I’m back with another moodboard for you today! I like to go through my old Pinterest saves sometimes and see what still inspires me. I came across this image that I had bookmarked from Jute Home last year.

It’s a dining area in a restaurant in the Istanbul Soho House hotel. I love the dark tones in the chairs, and this mix between teal and navy is one of my favorite colors. I’m not a huge fan of yellow, but when it’s more of an ochre shade, I love it in small doses. I can’t say that I have ever thought of mixing those two colors (which is why I love this so much!). I used the palette to interpret it into a bedroom design. Sources linked at the bottom!

moodboard monday blue and ochre.jpg



This week officially marked Spring, and landscaping was definitely on the brain! We spent a lot of time outside with the kiddos and I couldn’t help thinking about all the projects I want to get done this year. We moved into our house right before Christmas, so this will be our first summer here, and we have a lot of things we need to manicure and bring back to life. Let’s just hope the hubby doesn’t “prune” our orchard like he has our past trees or we are in trouble! :)

Olive trees and the ocean…the perfect combo. This has me itching for a trip to the coast right about now. I love the wicker chairs mixed with the iron table legs. M. Elle Design nailed it!

via M. Elle Design  in Elle Decor

via M. Elle Design in Elle Decor

Because who doesn’t want a circular pond surrounded by beautiful gardens???

If I can ever do it down the road, I will add an outdoor shower! This one is definitely not just for functionality’s sake.


I love the little wood lean-to attached to the side of this white brick Belgian home. Those manicured boxwoods and the curvy cobblestone path aren’t too bad either :)

This view out the front door of the talented design duo Brooke and Steve Gianetti’s Patina Farm Home in California is just stunning. I have followed Brooke for a long time, and to see how they built their dream home and made their gardens look like it has been there for centuries continues to amaze me. In Steve Gianetti’s own words…”We designed the entry at grade to make the garden feel part of the house. The gate at the street is in the distance.” What a walkway!


Happy Friday! Have a good weekend.


Okay not really, but I wanted to share some heavenly stairways with you today! I always seem to be pinning and saving them.

In my opinion, stairs are one of the best architectural features in the home. The look of them can change the entire feel, especially if they are right off the entryway. They can oftentimes get overlooked, but there are so many beautiful combinations you can design to make your stairs unique. Here are some looks I love:







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This week is all about tones and textures. I noticed I saved things without much color, but packed full of details, like this pretty black marble fireplace.

In all honesty, I have probably saved this image about 10 times. Every time I come across it, I can’t get enough. It’s so simple, but full of interest. I love those beams I spy in the foyer, the vintage framed bread linens, the antique bench and baskets, and how the crown sits slightly off the ceiling. Also, doesn’t that bell remind you of the one in Cinderella? Charming! Plus Kate Marker and her team always seem to pull of the perfect wood floor stain.

Everything in this laundry room just works, including the different tones of paint on the ceiling, walls, and cabinetry. And I’m thinking I need some of those rattan laundry hampers.

The texture on this plastered/grouted-over brick wall…need I say more???

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I love how this desks sits right in front of a window, especially a steel window with a stunning view. There is nothing I need more than natural light when I work.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the weekend!

XO- Whitney