Cyber Monday

Hi there!!! Today is the day! This website has literally been sitting in cyberspace for months, just waiting for me to finally pull the trigger and hit “publish" (why is putting yourself out there so scary sometimes???) so when I woke up this morning I figured what better day than Cyber Monday to just do it? So here goes…

I’m excited to have a blog where I can share all my favorite things with you. From home tours, to design tips, I hope this spot will be a place you come back to visit! Today I wanted to share some deals I’ve been eyeing.

-I love HM and I love HM Home. So many affordable accessories like pillows and throws. I’m loving this one that’s 30% off through today.

-Do you have a Kitchen Aid? I went a couple of years without one and my life wasn’t the same! Worth every penny.

-Over black Friday I bought this coat from Old Navy and love it! Unfortunately it’s sold out, but this city coat from J. Crew was the one I was originally eyeing and is on major sale.

-I have cooked with my mom’s Instant Pot a few times and loved it. I think it’s time I snag one!

-If you know a reader or are an avid reader yourself, a Kindle is a must. You definitely can’t beat the feel of holding a real book and turning its pages, but it sure beats looking at a bright iPad/iPhone screen.

-I love Danielle Oakey’s pillow shop. She has so many great selections, like this green pillow that will look good with everything all year round.

-Do you have a robot vacuum? I bought a pretty cheap one a couple years back, but even it seemed to be a life saver. For those of you who have a lot of wood floors, this is a great deal on a quality vacuum.

-I’m in desperate need of high-waisted jeans. I haven’t shopped at AE for years, but decided to give these pair a go…we’ll see how they fit come mail day!

Happy Shopping!


Whitney Filimoeatu