This week is all about tones and textures. I noticed I saved things without much color, but packed full of details, like this pretty black marble fireplace.

In all honesty, I have probably saved this image about 10 times. Every time I come across it, I can’t get enough. It’s so simple, but full of interest. I love those beams I spy in the foyer, the vintage framed bread linens, the antique bench and baskets, and how the crown sits slightly off the ceiling. Also, doesn’t that bell remind you of the one in Cinderella? Charming! Plus Kate Marker and her team always seem to pull of the perfect wood floor stain.

Everything in this laundry room just works, including the different tones of paint on the ceiling, walls, and cabinetry. And I’m thinking I need some of those rattan laundry hampers.

The texture on this plastered/grouted-over brick wall…need I say more???

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I love how this desks sits right in front of a window, especially a steel window with a stunning view. There is nothing I need more than natural light when I work.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the weekend!

XO- Whitney

Whitney Filimoeatu