Moodboard monday: cozy cabin vibes

Over the weekend, someone I follow on Instagram reposted a post from my feed, which was also a repost featuring another designer’s work. Ha! Are you following me here??? :) What I’m basically trying to say is the photo below received a lot of well-deserved attention. One of the things I love about instagram is finding new designers, even some clear across the globe (who without social media you would probably never encounter) and being inspired by their work. This design is by Marianne Tiegen. I don’t even know how I stumbled across her portfolio, but it’s amazing! Like many of you, this warm and inviting Chalet stole my breath.

Design via  Marianne Tiegen

Design via Marianne Tiegen

What I love most about this is the rustic warmth without the heaviness you typically see. Sometimes in a “cabin” setting, everything becomes too overbearing, but I really think the light creamy walls not only let the black plastered fireplace and reclaimed wood stand out, they also bring a sense of airiness to the space. I could definitely feel right at home here.

I’ve mocked up a little moodboard for you to recreate the look. Enjoy!

Mountain Mood Board.jpg
Whitney Filimoeatu