So I decided to start a little series. I always come across so many images I love and save while perusing Pinterest and Instagram, so I thought Fridays would be the perfect day to share my favorite five. Some days I might have a theme, but more than likely it will just be a random assortment. I hope you enjoy!

Although I love light and bright spaces, sometimes I’m just drawn to the dark side, and I loved this moody space. You should definitely check out the whole kitchen.

Design by  Nicole Hollis

Design by Nicole Hollis

I LOVE nooks. I wish I could have a house full of cozy little window benches like this one…especially with a casement window to open.

Via  Tumblr

Via Tumblr

We just moved into a home that is mostly stucco with a little brick, so of course I have been noticing home exteriors with stucco lately. This exterior is so pretty with its creamy stucco walls and dark stained wood.

Design by  Christopher AI

Design by Christopher AI

Proof that when the bones are right, you don’t need all the fluff. Those wood beams and marble in this kitchen speak for themselves.

Design via  Julie Charbonneau

I once saw a designer post a picture of an interior window, and was so surprised by the love/hate interior windows debate that followed. I’m definitely on the love side… how could you not love this? The view through it of that pretty staircase and front door sure helps :)

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Whitney Filimoeatu