One Room Challenge- Week 5

one room challenge.jpg

Week 5 of the ORC was full of ups and downs. We got the cabinets painted and hinges drilled, hardware on, light hung, and open shelves up, BUT a big downer was the stove was not delivered (they say it’s coming Monday), and to top that off, my backsplash tile was somehow lost in transit. Not sure how that happens on a pallet delivery??? But talk about the worst luck ever! And then I found out the replacement tile is backordered for 2-4 weeks! I’m super bummed and debated even doing a reveal, but I’ve come this far so I might as well finish.

Since I don’t want to give too much away before next week, let’s talk about my light fixture situation. When we bought this house, there was a pendant over the sink. Once we started demo, I felt like I wanted to change it to a sconce, and if you look back on my original design plan, I had a sconce chosen. But as things started progressing with our hood and open shelving I decided to keep the pendant (I felt it would help balance the kitchen better visually when you are looking at the hood since the fridge/pantry are on one side and I have no upper cupboards on the other). I knew I would be able to get a better scaled light in a pendant than a sconce, so I turned to this beauty…


I originally saw this last year when someone shared it at the High Point Showroom and immediately fell in love. Both colors are beautiful, and I love the contrast of the white, but I knew the black would be a better fit in my kitchen. It definitely did not disappoint! It gets the traditional/modern look just right and is what my kitchen needed.

Can you cross your fingers for me that my stove actually gets here?!? Make sure to check back for the reveal next Thursday, and check here for the other contestants reveals.